Tuesday, December 29


Topher. Chris. Topherious. Mr. Right. You may know him by many names. You may know him as "that guy who made a perfect score on the ACT and gets ragged for it daily." However you know him, you are bound to love him. He is...

...Christopher Jennings Wright.

Chris was a prime member of the youth group when I worked in Nashville at Crieve Hall. Still up to great things, he's at Freed now, majoring in Biochem, et cetera and generally living the dream. One of the things you need to know about Chris is that he can lead all eight verses of Just As I Am blindfolded in a hurricane and never lose the beat. No, that's not it. You need to know that he's going to Costa Rica to do Work for the Big Man. If you have a minute, send one up for Chris and his friends who are spending a week or so of their winter break serving in a foreign land.

Great talking to you, Jennings.

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  1. I love your blogs. Their a great way to spread cheer. Elf was wrong when he said the best way is to sing loud for all to hear. I say the best way is to read Michael's blog.