Sunday, November 22

Forever Friends Through Eternity

This is more than a shout out. This is a salute. To what? Friendship. Not just the friendship a boy has with his dog, or a girl with her dolls. Not even a friendship that endures hardship, pain and loss. This is a friendship that crosses oceans as vast as this planet has to offer. It is a friendship that rivals that of Milo and Otis, the Little Rascals and even, daresay, Bert and Ernie.





Thanks for the Skype session, guys. I now display our screen shot for the world to see. Behold, world.


  1. It was the best hour of my life.

    Well, except for my marriage and kids birth blah blah blah whatever I'm supposed to say.

    Seriously - love talking with you. Can't wait to do it again.

    FFTE - I like it.