Monday, December 22

O Man, Part Three

... It may require something radical. Or maybe not.

I thought about calling this radical obedience because to us, 100% obedience seems radical, and because it just sounds cool. Radical obedience. Sounds cool. But then I decided that there is no such thing as radical obedience. There is no such thing as full obedience. There is only obedience and disobedience. If there is anything radical about it, it is the paradigm shift that needs to happen within me. A decision must be made in my noggin that compromise results not in "partial obedience," but flat out disregard for the commands of God- disobedience. And the result of regular disobedience? Stagnant spirituality.

Jesus said, "If you love me, keep my commandments... One ho has my commandments, and keeps them, that person is one who loves me. One who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I will love him, and reveal myself to him."

So I will be using this blog as a tool. Call it accountability if you like. It might even be appropriate to call this a spiritual experiment. My plan is to systematically begin reading God's word with a mind to obey it. Not to know it, memorize it, or even apply it, but to simply obey it. I'll share what I am reading on this blog and lay out my plan for immediate obedience. I'll also be sharing my results and struggles with obedience. All of this I'll do in hopes of growing more like a disciple of Christ and less like an observer of Christ. The time has long passed to get off the bleachers and step into the game. Here we go.

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